Acrocarpus fraxinifolius, Pink Cedar, Balangi, Kurungatti

Acrocarpus fraxinifolius

Pink Cedar, Balangi, Kurungatti
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae
Origin: South Asia
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapBig tree taller than 20 ftSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunRegular waterRed, crimson, vinous flowersOrnamental foliage

It has a relatively wide range of soil tolerances, but appreciate a fertile, organic-rich soil with regular water, but can tolerate some drought. It is best grown in USDA Zones 9-11 and is quite adaptable to most soil types and climates. For gardens in cold regions, it can be grown in a large container, brought indoors or planted in a protected location in winter. In general, it will require very little care and should be free from pests and diseases. Prune as needed to shape or remove dead or damaged branches, otherwise it does not require regular pruning.

Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (Pink Cedar) is a big tree that can grow taller than 20 feet, but can also be pruned to create a small tree of up to 10-20 feet. It is native to South Asia, including countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, and Thailand. It thrives when planted in full sun and given regular water, and its soil requirements are relatively tolerant, but it enjoys being grown in a fertile, organic-rich soil. It is adorned with ornamental foliage in various shades from deep pink to a bright lime green, and in the early spring brings forth red, crimson, and vinous flowers in small racemes.

This plant is cold hardy up to a minimum of 28°F for short periods of time, so it can be grown in USDA Zones 9-11 with minimal care and protection from pests and diseases. Pruning should be done as needed only, to remove dead or damaged branches or to shape. For gardens in colder regions, it can be grown in a large container and brought indoors in winter, or planted in a sheltered location. In terms of plant care, it is important to water deeply and occasionally and to provide adequate protection from frost.

Acrocarpus fraxinifolius, Pink Cedar, Balangi, Kurungatti

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Acrocarpus fraxinifolius - seeds

Pink Cedar, Balangi, Kurungatti. Large deciduous emergent tree native to Banglades with showy red flowers.
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