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Ruellia multisetosa, Suessenguthia multisetosa, Columbian Petunia

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Ruellia multisetosa, Suessenguthia multisetosa
Family: Acanthaceae
Columbian Petunia
Origin: Bolivia
Large shrub 5-10 ftFull sunShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterPink flowers

Suessenguthia is still a very rare plant. It is a large shrub with green herbaceous branches and bright pink flowers in spring through summer. Leaves are large, hairy and dark green. It can grow to about 10ft tall but needs some support, because the stems are very fragile. Freezes to the ground about 27-28F but comes back quick. The cuttings root very easily. The plant likes part sun or shade and moist soil. In full sun leaves get pale and the plant dehydrates easily. It is a nice unusual plant to should be more widely grown.

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Suessenguthia (Ruellia) multisetosa - Columbian petunia

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Columbian petunia - a very rare plant. It is a large...  more
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