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Rhipsalis sp., Mistletoe

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Rhipsalis crispata

Rhipsalis sp.

Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Central and South America
Groundcover and low-growing 2ftSmall shrub 2-5 ftShadeSemi-shadeEpiphyteModerate waterPink flowersWhite/off-white flowersYellow/orange flowersThorny or spinyUnknown name

This cactus genus consists of 40 to 50 species. They are medium-sized or large epiphytes that mostly bloom in late winter or early spring. These frost-tender plants prefer humid, warm conditions in full shade. They prefer atmospheric moisture to wet soil but should not by allowed to dry out entirely. Propagation: Cuttings, seeds.

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Rhipsalis capilliformis - Old Mans Beard Cactus

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Old Man's Beard Cactus. Mistletoe Cactus. Link Cactus....  more

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