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Date: 10 Mar 2024, Entry id: 1710124861-1

News arrivals: Adenium Rainbow

Collect them all!

Rainbow can with flowers

Exciting news: Fresh Adenium arrivals straight from Thailand! Behold an array of breathtaking varieties in an explosion of colors.

Adeniums are a must-have for gardeners, with enthusiasts avidly collecting diverse strains. These resilient plants flourish in pots, whether adorning outdoor gardens or brightening indoor spaces. With their charming compactness and eye-catching caudex, Adeniums effortlessly spark conversation and make memorable gifts.

Every year, new hybrids emerge, boasting double and triple blooms in an array of captivating hues - think vibrant reds, pinks, yellows, regal purples, and even dramatic blacks. Each variety is a masterpiece, showcasing unique patterns from dots to stripes to variegations.

Act fast - quantities are limited! Seize the opportunity to expand your collection now!

Adenium Collage

Photo above: selected varieties that just have arrived.