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Date: 8 Feb 2024, Entry id: 1707387368-1

2/10/2024: Chinese Year of the Dragon

2024 Year of the Dragon

Q: What is the lucky plant for Chinese New Year 2024?

A: 2024 is the year of the Green Wooden Dragon according to the Chinese calendar. It will be celebrated this year on Saturday, February 10.
Dragon symbol is considered the most powerful in Chinese astrology, representing energy, strength, and power.

The lucky plant of the year 2024, the Dragon fruit, steals the show with its striking red skin and juicy white flesh. Plates overflow with succulent slices of dragon fruit, its fiery red skin contrasting beautifully with the snowy white flesh speckled with tiny black seeds, symbolizing prosperity and abundance.

2024 the year of the Green Wooden Dragon with Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit comes in many varieties that differ in flavor, sweetness, and texture.