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Date: 6 Jan 2024, Entry id: 1704532262-2

Sunshine Boosters
Winter use... and discount!

Sunshine Boosters different formulas

Do you remember that Sunshine Boosters fertilizers can be applied year-round?

As natural fertilizers, their scientifically created formulas provide perfectly balanced nutrition for your plants throughout the year. Follow the instructions on the labels and apply Sunshine Boosters with every watering. Give your plants extra boost during winter months! The fertilizer amount is balanced, adjusting proportionally to the water amount, which is tailored to the plant's winter needs. Unlike dry fertilizers, Sunshine Boosters can be used all year without fear of burning plants with excessive nutrient lockup.

Take advantage of the winter sale and stock up on this perfect plant food. You'll need plenty by Spring when your plants begin active growth! Use the code below for 20% off all Sunshine Boosters products. Hurry up, the sale will end in a few days!


Min order $20, excluding S/H. Exp. 1-12-24

Sunshine Boosters effect in the garden

In the photo above: This picture was taken on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023. The little garden by our B-farm office, irrigated automatically with Sunshine Boosters using the Robuster injector, is thriving in spite of cool nights. Look at this crazy banana, it is taller than the building, we honestly have never seen a banana of that size! The solution we are using there is Sunshine Robusta; now available for pick up in 2.5 gal jugs!