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Date: 6 Nov 2023, Entry id: 1699321863-1

How to grow a happy Moringa Tree

Moringa tree in the garden

Q: We purchased some tropical edible and medicinal plants from you in August this year. I have a question pertaining to our Moringa tree. When we purchased it, it was about two foot tall. It has put on tremendous growth and is now a little under ten foot tall. My question is, should a Moringa be losing lower leaves at this point? The bare limbs are still green and the top looks to have healthy green leaves.

A: Thank you for choosing our Moringa tree, and sharing the picture. It's great to see that your tree appears healthy and happy - it's a resilient plant. Given the relatively dry Fall we've experienced this year, a little extra water can make a significant difference.

Here are some suggestions to ensure your Moringa thrives:

Moringa branch with flowers

Watering: While Moringa is generally drought-tolerant, during dry periods, in addition to relying on your lawn sprinkler system, add some extra water with a hose. Adequate moisture is crucial for maintaining healthy foliage.

Pest Control: Moringa is not only a nutritious plant for humans but also attracts pests that appreciate its medicinal properties :) If you notice insect damage on the leaves, consider spraying with Neem oil or using an over-the-counter systemic insecticide containing imidacloprid or a similar ingredient.

Seasonal Behavior: Moringa trees are semi-deciduous to deciduous, and their leaf-shedding behavior can vary depending on the climate. In Florida, for instance, it's common for Moringa trees to shed leaves in the Fall. However, this is a natural process, and you can expect new growth in the Spring.

Fertilizing for Vigorous Growth: To promote the most vigorous growth of your Moringa tree and other plants in your garden, consider implementing a fertilizing program. If using dry, slow-release fertilizers, apply them only during the active growth season: from March through November. If you're looking for a year-round solution, liquid amino acid-based formulas like Sunshine Boosters can be a great option. You can easily add them to your watering routine or use injectors like The Robuster for convenient and consistent feeding. If you're planning to expand your garden with other medicinal plants or an edible forest, The Robuster smart fertilizing system is an excellent choice, offering the most efficient, care-free way to nourish your plants with natural nutrients throughout the year.

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