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Date: 2 Jul 2023, Entry id: 1688299862-1

Three colors of flowers
for 4th of July

Blue, Red and White flowers for 4th of July

Q: Our anniversary is on the 4th of July. Do you have anything that might be a good gift? Maybe something flowering that has red, white and blue flowers... I know that is a lot to ask but maybe you have an idea?

A: We appreciate your intriguing question and extend our heartfelt congratulations on your approaching anniversary. Numerous tropical plants lend themselves beautifully to a captivating blend of red, blue, and white hues. Here are our top recommendations for the most delightful combination:

White: Jasmine sambac fragrant bush (var. Arabian Nights is our favorite, it's a free-bloomer and easy to grow)

Blue: Clitoria Vine, it is fast growing controllable vine, everbloomer. There is also a White variety of Clitoria, you can plant them together!

Red: Gloxinia, a smaller perennial that perfectly fits into this combination of three.

More flowers for white-blue-red colors:

White: Gardenias, Jasmines, Almond Bush, Brunfelsia, Clerodendrum Bridal Veil, fragrant Cashmere Bouquet, White Brazilian Plume Flower, Montanoa - Tree Chrysanthemum

Blue: Blue Sage Lead Flower, Blue Butterfly Clerodendrum, Weeping Blue Ginger, Duranta, Thunbergia erecta - Kings Mantle, and its white variety Alba, Blue Sky vine

Red: Cat Tail Acalypha, Dwarf Poinciana, Red Bottlebrush, Pavonia multiflora - Brazilian Candles (it's actually red-and-blue), Red Button Ginger - French Kiss, Brazilian plume, Firespike , Scarlet Flame Passion Flower, Quisqualis (has white and red flowers on the same plant).

Quisqualis Indica - Rangoon Creeper

Quisqualis Indica - Rangoon Creeper. Spectacular bloom, flowers change color from white to pink to red. Sweet fragrance. Very fast growing, perfect for covering a fence or pagoda.