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Date: 17 Mar 2020, Entry id: 1584459362-1

We got a letter that we must share!

To the folks at Top Tropicals,
This is not really a question, more of a statement of gratitude. Top Tropicals has been my go to resource for everything tropical plant related for more than a decade... You have always been a source of information, knowledge and of course, beautiful plants. And now, more than ever, in these stressful times, I find myself returning to the world of plants that I love so much. Staying out of the public and away from friends and familiar places is hard on many of us. I guess they are calling it "social distancing" and I understand the sensibility of it all. So I take great comfort in spending relaxing time with my other friends and family, my plants. The weather is getting warmer, Spring is in the air, and I choose to not worry about things I can't change and instead I will devote time, energy and love to my special plants. Thank you Top Tropicals for being there for all of us gardeners and plant lovers. I look forward to browsing your newsletters each week to see pictures of the People Cats and to pick out my next best friend!
Sincerely, Becky M. - Woodland Hills, CA