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Date: 23 Jan 2020, Entry id: 1579773661-1

Datura: a fragrant treat for tropical or indoor garden

Q: A few years ago I purchased Datura from you and it was doing well. As a matter of fact I took cuttings and propagated new plants. Now they have markings on the leaves and I do not know what it is. Any remedy?

A: Generally, Datura is a bi-annual plant, unlike its close relative perennial Brugmansia that grows for many years. Which means, Datura is short-lived (2-3 years maximum for the same plant) although it seeds easily and is a very fast grower, reaching from seedling to 4-5 ft size in a matter of couple months.
At this time of the year, markings on the leaves may be a result of normal aging (the plant may already exhausted its natural cycle) in combination with a cool weather that affects the leaves and overall look.
Here at Top Tropicals we especially love this plant and keep up with propagating new plants every few months. Propagation may be by means of seeds or cuttings, but seeds are always better for stronger, longer-lasting Datura specimens. A lot of times you will notice little baby seedlings around the Mother plant, even if you think all seeds has been harvested.
Just continue growing younger plants from seeds, and Datura will always be with you in your garden to bring you joy of showy scented flowers. It makes a great houseplant too!

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Datura seeds always come in abundance and germinate easily