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Date: 9 Sep 2019, Entry id: 1568020561-1

How to make leaves green?

Q: I purchased several plants from you and they all arrived in great shape. The Wrightia is very large and vigorous but some leaves are yellowish. How can I improve that look? Any special fertilizer?

A: Wrightias are very showy and beautiful plants, although sometimes they are susceptible to leaf chlorosis which in other words is iron deficiency, especially during wet rainy weather. It is not harmful to the plant and can be corrected with microelement applications. Use Microelements once a week to correct the iron deficiency that usually goes away within a month. Then maintain plants health with monthly applications. It is beneficial to use microelements in combination with regular applications of health boosting fertilizer.

Recommended boosters and microelement supplements:

Pink N Good Daily Plant Food - Flower Booster
Tropical Allure - Smart-Release Booster
SUNSHINE SuperFood - plant booster

See SUNSHINE Boosters page for the complete list of plant boosters.