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Date: 9 May 2017, Entry id: 1494323162

Secrets of flowering of Jasmine Sambac

Q: Q: My Jasmine sambac Maid of Orleans is growing very fast and produced lots of branches and dark green leaves, when will I see flowers? I only saw 2 or 3 flowers since since Spring. I is planted by East wall of the house. Should I use some special fertilizer perhaps?

A: Jasmine sambac is a tropical bush or vine that enjoys hot summers. Since it tolerates wide range of light conditions, it can be grown both in shade or sun; this is why it is highly recommended for indoor culture where light level is limited. Remember though that profuse blooming directly depends on the light level. Your Eastern exposure location may not be providing enough light for the flowering. Dark green leaves are also a sign of a filtered light sitution. Extra fertilizing may not help to induce flowering if the light is low, although it is always beneficial for a plant (it may just start producing even more leaves and branches). The ideal conditions for Sambac's flowering are - full sun all day long, high temperatures (upper 80's-90's, even over 100F is fine), and very good drainage. Some gardeners call Jasmine sambac "almost a succulent", referring to its low watering needs. To be exact, this plant requires regular watering, but will produce lots of flowers only providing perfect drainage. You may never see flowers if the plant has wet feet or water-logging occurs. If your summers are rainy (like in Florida), make sure your jasmine is planted with at least 4-5" elevation and not in a low/wet spot.

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