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Date: 24 May 2019, Entry id: 1558695962-2

Heavenly Angel's Trumpet

By Onika Amell, tropical flower specialist

Q: Can you please tell me which zones are the best for growing Angel Trumpets? When do they bloom and is there a specific fertilizer to use on them? Do you sell any variegated varieties?

A: If you are lucky enough to live in an area that doesn’t freeze or only has light frosts, you can grow Brugmansia (common name Angel Trumpet) outside all year long. They are only entirely hardy in USDA zones 9-12, but they remain very popular throughout the United States. They do really well in coastal settings in the Southwest. They are simply glorious in the coastal areas of South California. In the southwestern states, as well as in the tropics, they bloom spectacularly throughout the spring, summer, and autumn.

Angel Trumpets are very heavy feeders and they need huge amounts of nitrogen. You can use a standard balanced slow-release fertilizer on Brugmansia, but then you must apply it very generously. We've created a specialized fertilizer just for them. Angel Trumpet Delight is a perfect Brugmansia food for frequent monthly feed. It's a 30-day Smart-Release formula that works wonders for Angel Trumpets. A a well-balanced combination of macro- and micro- nutrients with a slow release action, it provides continuous feed, maintains vigor and disease resistance. It also contains coated nitrogen, early release nutrients and extra iron (water soluble and chelated) for quick green-up.

Angel Trumpets come in a dazzling array of colors: orange, yellow, green, white, pink, red, emerald and even purple (closely related Datura). One of our favorites is the beautiful Variegated Orange Angel Trumpet, a new hybrid with variegated leaves and a large single bloom that starts white and turns orange. Another amazing variety is "Sun Explosion" - with a variegated orange flower.

Most folks are usually in awe of the enormous trumpet flowers when they see it for the very first time. They most definitely need to be planted where they can be admired… near a deck, terrace, lanai or, entryway. The blossoms are short-lived, but numerous, continuous, and truly show-stopping! And they smell so good! This is a must have in any tropical garden. They can be grown either as a bush or a small tree. They are easy peasy to grow and root extremely easily, making them great as pass-along gifts for friends. They are sun-loving and super fast-growing plants. Plenty of water and fertilizers keep them happy and at their best. Did I mention they smell good too? ;)