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Date: 30 Aug 2018, Entry id: 1535620862

6 Things to Do on Labor Day Weekend


1. Plant a tree... or a shrub, even just a small perennial will do. This plant will make you feel good and accomplished for the whole year, until next Labor Day (or even longer!). You will always see this fruit of your work and remember your motivation, so things are not that bad with you!

2. Pull 66 weeds. Needless to say, you have plenty of those in your yard at the moment. Why 66? Just do it and see what happens. If you don't see any happy results, pull another 66.

3. Fertilize all plants in your garden or potted collection with slow release fertilizer and microelements. Remember, this is the last chance to give them food and strength to survive, before winter. Starting October, all leftover fertilizer goes to storage, even in tropical gardens.

4. Apply SUNSHINE booster to protect your plants from cool temperature, help to go into dormancy and rest without stress.
Remember, there are products for all your pre-winter needs: Sunshine-T for improving cold tolerance, Sunshine-BC for caudex and bonsai plants, Sunshine-H for houseplants, and general booster Sunshine-E to cover all occasions... 50 and 100 ml bottles available for large plant collections.
Sunshine-Honey should be applied on all fruit trees to ensure their next year successful crop.

5. Add extra mulch in those areas where it was washed off with summer rains or broke down. One day of mulch work will provide 6 months of safe overwintering for your plants.

6. Have a BBQ or simply a nice meal with your friends or family. Enjoy your holiday relaxation after hard work weekend and recharge your Happiness for many days to come.