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Date: 24 Jun 2018, Entry id: 1529836247


Mango Fralan - a new exciting discovery

Q: I am looking for a special mango called Fralan. It is the most popular mango in Vietnam where I am from. Do you have this variety?

A: Fralan is a relatively new variety of Mango, originated from Thailand, with green skin. In Thai, "Fralan" means "Thunder" - as the fruit cracks when peeled. It also has another meaning "Foreigner" as people from the West seem to speak too loud for Thai ears. This mango has no turpentine aftertaste unlike some other varieties. Its flavor is superior. The flat seed is similar to Nam Doc Mai, it has no seed coat which is a good advantage, leaves more room for flesh and makes it easier to eat.
Fralan can be eaten:
a) when green - it is crunchy, sweet, producing cracking sounds (=Thunder)
b) when yellow (fully ready) - very soft, no fiber whatsoever
The tree is early-middle harvesting season depending on climate and has a DWARF habit! Which make is excellent choice for potting culture. See full list of Mango varieties from our store.