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Date: 24 Jun 2018, Entry id: 1529836241


Multi-grafted "fruit cocktail" trees

Q: We love your website and products. Do you have mango trees with different types grafted on one? We live in Hawaii and have space for an interesting mango.

A: Here is the truth about multi-grafted mangos. It is the same issue as with multi-grafted citrus (so-called "fruit cocktail trees"). In most cases, multi-grafted fruit trees look beautiful and healthy for the first couple years if that long. What happens next - the most vigorous variety will take over others and eventually all other grafts will die off or those branches stay retarded without sufficient production. There is a solution though, if you have limited space and still want to have several varieties to enjoy. Plant 2-3-4 desired varieties into 1 hole! Of course production of each tree will reduce due to the crowded situation, but overall crop will be as much as from one big tree. And you will have all kinds of tastes to enjoy! Very often trunks of such trees grow in together, but because of having separate root systems, all trees will remain equally strong and vigorous.

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