Anthurium bakeri, Anthurium

Anthurium bakeri

Family: Araceae
Origin: Guatemala to Columbia
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterEpiphyte plant

Epiphyte, stems less than 10cm long, 1.5cm diam.; roots moderately slender; leaf are 1.7cm wide; cataphylls coriaceous, 3-6cm long, acuminate at apex, drying brown, persisting as fibers. Leaves erect to spreading; petioles 11-17 cm long, to 5mm diam., subterete to sharply sulcate; blades narrowly elliptic-lanceolate to narrowly oblanceolate, 19-55cm long, 8-9 cm wide, broadest at middle, acuminate at apex, narrowly rounded at base; upper surface matte, lower surface paler and matte with reddish-brown glandular punctations; midrib convexly raised below.

Erect inflorescence of pale yellow-green spathe with red tinged margins on some clones. Spadix color is white. Berries are red with pointed apex.

This species is one of the most popular.The species is known from Guatemala to Colombia in wetter parts of tropical moist, premontane wet, and tropical wet forest at elevations from sea level to 660 m. In Panama, the species ranges to 1,000 m elevation.

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Anthurium bakeri, Anthurium
Anthurium bakeri, Anthurium

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