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Alocasia reginae, Shell Alocasia

Alocasia reginae

Shell Alocasia
Family: Araceae
Origin: Borneo
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterOrnamental foliageWhite, off-white flowers

The Shell Alocasia is a small shrub native to Borneo, up to 2-5 feet in height with a dramatic arching formation of large foliage. This plant thrives in semi-shade to bright indirect light and grows best with regular watering throughout the growing season. The individual white off-white flowers are insignificant, but the Ornamental foliage is this plant's greatest trait. Grown in USDA Zone: 9-11, Alocasia reginae is an easy to care for tropical houseplant that can handle a little neglect but come to life with more attentive care.

For those who live in cooler climates, this plant can be grown in a pot. Provide the plant with bright indirect light and keep moist soil, using regular watering. Although Alocasia reginae enjoys humid air and warm temperatures, it tolerates lower temperatures as long as temperatures remain above freezing.

Maintain a regular watering schedule for optimal growth. Due to its tropical natives, this plant does appreciate moist soil but never waterlogged or soggy. To avoid waterlogging, water in moderation and let it get dry between waterings. Make sure to select a pot with holes in the bottom. Overwatering the plant can cause Alocasia reginae to develop root rot or yellow leaves. To avoid this, keep the soil evenly moist and water on the soil surface.

Fertilize the plant regularly during the growing season in spring and summer. For optimal growth, use a liquid fertilizer to provide all the essential nutrients the plant needs. Feed the plant a balanced liquid fertilizer every two weeks at half strength. Avoid fertilizing in the colder months.

Finally, make sure the environment is humid by misting the plant occasionally or by placing a pebble tray filled with water beneath the pot. Protect the plant from drafts and humidity during the colder months of the season. With proper care and love, Alocasia reginae won't fail to bring its joy and beauty to your home.

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Alocasia reginae, Shell Alocasia
Alocasia reginae, Shell Alocasia

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