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Date: 17 Nov 2023, Entry id: 1700197262-1

Privacy Hedges with Benefits

Flowering hedge

What's the numero uno question we get bombarded with at Top Tropicals Nursery? Well, it's a real head-scratcher:

Q: "...Can you recommend me a flowering privacy hedge to spice up my yard's life? My current hedge is just a green wall and I'm tired of the monthly trim routine. I need something lively, fast-growing, and unusual if possible. No plain old ixora, please!.."

A: After over two decades of being the go-to advice-givers, we thought, "Why not spill the floral beans and share our tropical wisdom?" But where to begin? The jungle of flowering ornamentals is vast, and picking the perfect shrub is like finding the missing piece of a gardening puzzle. So, in our new column "Hedges with Benefits" we're dishing on those not-so-average shrubs that'll not only prettify your patch but also bring some serious practicality. Today's lineup is -

Top Ten Winners:
Fast growing flowering shrubs

Below is the top selection of spectacular flowering shrubs that can create a nice hedge or a natural screen within just a couple of seasons.

Flowering hedge Tithonia diversifolia - Sunflower tree

Tithonia diversifolia - Sunflower tree.
Grows super fast to a very tall dense hedge, and starts flowering right away. Full sun, very easy, not fussy about soil or water. Winter bloomer.

Flowering hedge Calliandra surinamensis - Powderpuff

Calliandra surinamensis - Powderpuff.
Pretty pink powderpuffs almost year around! Easy to prune.

Flowering hedge Dombeya x wallichii - Tropical Hydrangea

Dombeya x wallichii - Tropical Hydrangea.
You can see this beautiful bush right at Top Tropicals gate. Winter bloomer, large lush leaves and huge, pink hydrangea-like blooms. Very large and fast growing, likes water, tolerates shade.

Flowering hedge Acalypha hispida - Cat tail, Chenille plant

Acalypha hispida - Cat tail, Chenille plant.
All time favorite, everblooming with red cat tails! Full sun. Easy to control.

Flowering hedge Hibiscus variegated Snow Queen

Hibiscus variegated Snow Queen.
Popular landscape bush with unusual look, red flowers over snow white variegation, very showy! Responds well to pruning. Full sun.

Flowering hedge Leonotis leonurus - Lions Ears

Leonotis leonurus - Lions Ears.
Winter bloomer, great for low hedges. Covered with bright orange curious flowers, medium sized, easy to control at 3-4 ft. Full sun.

Flowering hedge Plumbago auriculata Imperial Blue

Plumbago auriculata Imperial Blue
One of the most popular Southern hedge plants, everblooming with bright blue flowers, tolerant to drought, heat, and poor soils. Can be maintained short or tall (2-6 ft).

Flowering hedge Eranthemum pulchellum - Blue Sage, Lead Flower

Eranthemum pulchellum - Blue Sage, Lead Flower.
Great for shady spots, winter bloomer with dark green leaves and unusual sky-blue flowers. Can be trimmed if needed. Nice and dense.

Flowering hedge Clerodendrum paniculatum - Pagoda Flower

Clerodendrum paniculatum - Pagoda Flower. Happy in the sun or shade, easy plant. Loves water.

Flowering hedge Tibouchina lepidota - Ecuador Princess, Jules 

Tibouchina lepidota - Ecuador Princess, Jules Dwarf.
Sun or shade, blooms on and off throughout the year. Beautiful Purple Princess!