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Date: 16 Jun 2023, Entry id: 1686896464-2

10 tips how to care of tropical garden
during hot Summer

Cats in shade of tropical plants

Q: Do you have any special recommendations how to take care of plants during hot season, to reduce heat strees?

A: Tropical plants prefer temperatures of 70-90F, except for heat-adapted desert plants. High temperatures above 90F can cause slowed metabolism and signs of stress like wilting, yellowing, and leaf drop. Hot and humid conditions attract pests and fungal diseases. To keep your plants stress-free and healthy, during Summer:

1. Monitor temperature and signs of stress.
2. Provide shade to regulate heat exposure: use shade cloth or simply a sheet of fabric as needed to protect lush foliage from burns.
3. Choose heat-tolerant plant varieties.
4. Plant in groups and levels, with trees protecting smaller shade loving plants (see companion planting).
5. Water deeply in the morning or evening to prevent evaporation.
6. Mulch to conserve moisture and regulate soil temperature.
7. Air: ensure good air circulation.
8. Trim damaged foliage and crowded branches.
9. Fertilize: use appropriate fertilization to improve plant heat tolerance. Remember, plants need lots of food during active growth period.
10. Remove weeds, pests, and diseases promptly.

Tibouchina multiflora (grandifolia) - Glory bush, Quaresmeira

In the photo: Tibouchina multiflora (grandifolia) - Glory bush, Quaresmeira, one of the most impressive flowering plants for tropical gardens, with impressive, large velvet leaves and beautiful purple flowers. It blooms in both sun or shade!