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Date: 17 Nov 2022, Entry id: 1668669364-1

Get your plants ready for winter:
Just spray this to improve cold hardiness...

Sunshine Plant Supplement Kit

How to improve plant cold hardiness?

Pland cold hardiness depends on several factors, including:
1) genetics of specific species
2) maturity of the plant, size of root system, stems and branches
3) plant health and vigor which is supported by proper nutrition program and adding special plant hormones.

While 1) and 2) may be out of our control, the 3rd factor is something that can be easily improved! It is important to feed plants during the season of active growth on regular basis by applying macro- and micro- elements. Liquid fertilizers and especially natural plant food like Sunshine Boosters can be applied year around to keep plants healthy and strong.
Besides the routine fertilizing program, just a few applications of special plant hormones can increase tropical plant hardiness big time! Before the cold is coming, spray your plants with these 3 magic potions and they will gain a few degrees in low temperature tolerance! It is recommended to make 2-3 applications.

- Sunshine Superfood
- Sunshine Epi
- Sunshine Power-Si

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