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Date: 29 Dec 2021, Entry id: 1640763362-2

Magenta Freckles of Shooting Stars

A Nerve Flower for a natural stress relieve

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...A compact grower, this happy plant takes both sun and shade, and thrives nearly in any conditions and soils... From afar, we see its smiling, sunny, happy flower faces dotted with magenta-purple freckles, reverberating in the showering sunlight... The low growing bushes cheer you with a cascade of their star-flower fireworks. And the bonus part is - striking leaves: papery, narrow, metallic-green with bright mauve underneath in attractive trailing clumps. The combination of pinkish flowers with splashes of purple and these unusual leaves make this plant quite unique. Australians say that presence of these plants in the garden removes anxiety and calms your nerves...