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Date: 24 Oct 2021, Entry id: 1635075662-1

New Video:
Shaping your Mango Trees

by Ed Jones, the Mango Guy (and the Boosters Guy)

Learn how to shape your mango trees using a technique known as tipping. Tipping your mangos will help to develop more branches and will give the tree more places to flower and produce fruit.


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How to prune mango trees for best shape and production

...Why should you prune your mango trees? There are at least 3 reasons.
1. A good foundation is the key to strong growth and a shapely tree.
2. If you get your mango tree started off on the right foot with a strong foundation, it becomes much easier to keep it shaped nicely.
3. It will be forced to produce more branches allowing for more places for fruit production.


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