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Date: 15 Oct 2020, Entry id: 1602819361-1

Plant of the Month: Hibiscus El Capitolio

Stevie's Pick: what's in bloom?

Our exotic plant grower Steven Gowdy will spotlight the most interesting plants he discovers and recommends today while working in TopTropicals greenhouses.

OMG! These plants are awesome. The flowers are stunning, ruffled, brightly colored. These are very unique double flowers about 5" long, with ruffled petals, followed by a sort of a stamen, than more ruffled petals... Wow. These are the perfect plants - they can be grown in a container or in-ground, in full sun. They are drought and disease resistant, ever-blooming, can be pruned into a standard weeping tree, or pruned into a bush... It's a convenient, dream plant! Prune frequently, because it blooms on new wood.
Hibiscus El Capitolio grows best in zones 9 through 11. In colder climates leave it in a container outside in the summer months, but bring inside in the winter months.
Remember - ever-blooming! You prune and they will flower all year long. These are fabulous plants that will satisfy any first-time or experienced gardener: you just can't go wrong El Capitolio! They will have you growing happiness... That's true.

Stevie with Kristi and Jamie celebrating his Happy Birthday. Check out Stevie's painting "TopTropicals Theme" at the beginning of this newsletter!