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Date: 30 Aug 2019, Entry id: 1567208462-2

How to grow Angel Trumpet in Florida

Q: I purchased an Angel trumpet in March, 2018. It wasn't looking very good so I asked what to do about it. Your reply was to fertilize and keep it watered. I did & it started to improve. I went on vacation & it reverted, dropping leaves... How do I keep it happy?

A: With growing Angel Trumpets in Florida, there are a few things that may go wrong, although in general Brugmansia is a vigorous rapid grower. Once the plant is established, it is very easy to grow. Looks like your plant had some troubles at the start and is still struggling. Dropping leaves could be a sign of a root problem.

These are the main important points for Brugmansia growing:
1. Must be planted in a high spot, using very well-drained soil. Brugmansias do not like soggy conditions (happens with Florida summer). They like water, but only as long as drainage is good.
2. Full sun is a must for a healthy plant.
3. Brugmansias are heavy feeders. Fertilize at least once a month once the plant is established:
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4. They are susceptible to bugs... check underneath the leaves and if any pests, spray with solution of any vegetable oil, water, and some dish soap.

The bottom line is, do not overwater but don't let it dry out. It's rainy season now, maybe too much rain affecting the plant.
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