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Date: 19 Aug 2019, Entry id: 1566204361-2

Colorful Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

Q: I have a large oak in front of the house and nothing grows under it, even grass. Can you recommend me a compact, colorful flowering shrub that will tolerate shade location and still will bloom for me? I love fragrant flowers, that would be nice... Also, I am a snowbird staying in Florida mostly from Fall to Spring so I miss the flowering season! Any winter bloomers? Or am I asking for too much?

A: There is a plant for every location and every need! Here is a perfect plant for you, Brunfelsia grandiflora - Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow. It is a winter bloomer and it enjoys filtered light. In fact, in full sun Brunfellsia leaves sometimes turn yellowish, so a shade location will be perfect for it, leaves will be healthy and dark green.
It is a beautiful specimen plant. The unusual popular name of this medium-sized shrub becomes clear to anyone who observes it over the course of two or three days. Its tubular fragrant flowers change from purple to lavender and then to white over a three day period (First they open as rich lavender-blue; then they change to pale lavender and finally to almost white before they fall). Then all three colors can be seen on the same plant. It grows to about 3-6 ft and does best in filtered sunlight. Blooms fall to winter.

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And here is a list of all winter flowering plants for you... and a Winter-Flowering Guide for Snow Birds (PDF file) that includes many late-season trees, shrubs and fruiting plants.