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Date: 4 Jul 2019, Entry id: 1562235662-1

Planting and mulching during hot summer

Q: I would like to buy some trees and vines for my garden but I am not sure if it is a good time for planting. It's hot now in Florida. Should I wait till it cools off? If I plant now, can I rely on sprinklers?

A: Summer is always a good time for establishing plants because this is the time of the most vigorous growth. For the first 2-4 weeks, plants should be watered daily with a garden hose as you can not rely on sprinkler system yet. Mulch around plants generously - this will help:
- Maintain moisture
- Maintain soil temperature - protect roots from heat
- Reduce weeds and grasses
- Provide nutrients to the soil, and
- Reduce wind erosion from uncovered soils