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Date: 25 Jun 2019, Entry id: 1561468562-1

How soon will Guava tree fruit?

Q: Can you tell me how your Guava trees are propagated? Grown from seed vs. air grafted, etc.? I'm interested especially in the Barbie variety. In particular, I'd like to know how long it takes them to bear fruit - I live in Southern California zone 10b, with good sunlight.

A: Guavas can be propagated by seed, air layers, or grafting. Propagation method depends on the species.
Cattley guavas - Psidium littorale - are usually grown from seeds and start flowering and producing as early as in 2-3 years from seed. Tropical guavas, Psidium guajava - especially named varieties, are propagated usually by air layers, and the rarest varieties like Variegated Honey Moon are often grafted, although they will come true from seed (it's just takes them longer to fruit). Both air-layered and grafted plants start producing right away, usually on the same year of planting or next year, depending on growing conditions.
Barbie Pink is a superior variety, very popular among fruit lovers. It produces large aromatic fruit with a bright pink pulp and very few seeds. This variety is air-layered; in our nursery, these plants start flowering and setting fruit in 3 gal containers.
Plant this tree in full sun and provide regular watering, guavas don't like to dry out. Use fertile soil, with at least 50% of compost, and add some soil conditioning components for better drainage: bark, sand, perlite, etc. Mulch well, just make sure to keep mulch 2-3" away from the trunk. Follow our detailed planting instructions that come with every plant, and you are good to go!

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