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Date: 21 Jun 2019, Entry id: 1561095062-1

Growing Jackfruit in a pot

Q: I have a young jackfruit tree, and I wanted to know, is a 25 pot enough for an adult tree?

A: 25 to 50 gal should be eventually a good size pot for growing a Jackfruit tree. Keep in mind the following:
1. Start with a smaller container, only slightly bigger than the root system. Do not plant directly into a large container, this may create a risk for root rot.
2. Step up the tree in a bigger container every year as it grows bigger. With every repotting, trim both branches and roots to compact the plant and to encourage branching out.
3. Jackfruit trees should be kept pruned under 6-7 ft in pots and 10-12 ft in the ground. This makes healthy fruit production more efficient and keeps fruit at the base of the tree.