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Date: 13 Jun 2019, Entry id: 1560414962-2

Millingtonia hortensis - Tree Jasmine

By Onika Amell, tropical plant specialist

Q: Q: How fragrant is the Tree Jasmine (Millingtonia) and how tall does it grow?

A: Millingtonia hortensis, or Tree Jasmine, is such a beautiful flowering tree with long, white, slender and trumpet-shaped flowers with a perfume that wafts through the air. These trees are very sought after because they are so highly fragrant. They are fast-growing trees that in Nature (Burma) can easily reach a height of 40-50 feet, however here in SW Florida we have them growing about 20-25 ft. The tree flowers at night and then shed the flowers in the morning. The flowers are waxy and stay fresh for a long time. In India the flowers are picked up and braided for rituals. It flowers from October until the end of December. The tree is also known as the Cork Tree, as an inferior cork is processed from the corky bark. It is a fast growing, tall, straight tree with few branches and its popularity lies in its ornamental value and not in its shade-giving properties. Yet, once you've witnessed the profusion of white flowers, you will understand why. It is a sight to behold! Cork tree is very easy and can grow in a variety of soils. It requires full sunlight.