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Date: 20 Apr 2019, Entry id: 1555733162-1

More about Mulberries

Customer comment on our Mulberry column in the previous newsletter:

...I planted a Himalayan mulberry, Morus macroura, about six years ago. For several maddening years, it shot only very long, un-branching tentacles out there, and it resisted my efforts to force some branching by pruning. It would send another long, reaching shoot from the tip of the pruned branch, with NO laterals. Several times, it did this. Finally, two years ago, it broke buds that looked like they meant it all along those long branches, and in one season, it fluffed out. The next season it elaborated on this, acting much more like a proper tree. The fruit is fabulous, three or more inches long, very sweet, with a rich berry flavor that’s more raspberry than mulberry. I guess it just needed more time. My understanding is that mulberries don’t really like to be pruned, but it needed to happen in this case, along a driveway, so I reigned it in, and now it’s a treasure. Be patient.
Cheers, your admirer, C

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