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Date: 17 Oct 2018, Entry id: 1539779162-2

Dobi Duck @ Top Tropicals

Introducing a new member of Top Tropicals Team: Duck Dobi. Full name is Adobe (Acrobat or Photoshop - he is both active and colorful perrrson).

A customer brought us this little guy who was lost on the street, probably left behind when his Mama took her babies across the road. (Why did the Duck have to cross the road after all?)
So Kristi adopted Dobi. He has been doing great for the last couple of days, decided that Kristi is his Mom so he is following her everywhere. TopTropicals cats are excited but staying away knowing better: don't mess with Mama Kristi!
Those of you who know little secrets how to raise little ducklings please drop us a line! Dobi is our first experience in raising something different than plants or cats!