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Date: 12 Jan 2022, Entry id: 1641979562-1

Happy Value Avocados

Avocado Lula

Variety Lula is renowned for its ability to endure harsh winters, and for its exceptionally long harvesting period. More frost resistant than most, successful in Central and South Florida where it is a formerly the leading commercial cultivar. An exceptional choice for homeowners around Orlando and Central Florida. The fruit is pear-shaped, sometimes with a neck, medium-large, the skin almost smooth. Flesh is pale to greenish-yellow. The Oil content 12-16%. Seed is large, tight. Production season is medium-late (November-December). The tree grows tall, bears early and heavily. This variety was originated from seed from a parent tree planted in 1915 by Mrs. Lula Cellon at Miami, Florida.

Avocado Marcus Pumpkin

Very rare and hard to find variety! Marcus Pumpkin Avocado - Green, Large, and Round. It is so unique in its shape: it has a pumpkin shaped fruit 30-40 oz, fruiting time October through November. Very good creamy flavor. It is hard to eat the whole one at once because of its size!

Limited 2 trees per customer. Limited time offer, while supply lasts.

Photo above: TopTropicals Avocados 2022