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Date: 11 Jan 2020, Entry id: 1578742261-1

Improve your intellect with Ashoka,
the tree of Happiness
(Saraca indica, the Sorrowless Tree)

By Onika Amell, tropical plant specialist

Q: I have recently visited India and saw the most beautiful Ashoka trees at the entrance to a temple. The flowers were simply show stopping, growing directly on the trunk and branches. I would love to grow one. I have been told it has significant medicinal properties. I am delighted to see you have them in your inventory. And they are on sale too! Are they easy to grow?

A: Ashoka or Saraca indica is one of the most exotic flowering trees of the Indian subcontinent. Without a doubt it is one of the most stunning Indian flowering trees. Buddhists, Jains and Hindus all hold this tree in extremely high esteem and it is considered a sacred tree. Ashoka is extremely highly valued for nutritional value as well as its beautiful appearance. No surprise then that they are often found in royal palace grounds and gardens as well as around temples throughout India. Young leaves are a stunning deep pink color and emerge at the end of branches like hanging tassels. This tree will typically grow to around 20 feet and is a brilliant bloomer. It will wow you with large, round clusters of fragrant flowers throughout the year. Almost all parts of this tree are widely used for different medicinal purpose. It reportedly even helps to improve intellect! Simply amazing...