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Date: 5 Sep 2019, Entry id: 1567661462-1

Bahamas Dorsett Golden Low Chill Apple

Q: We recently moved to Florida and we miss our Apple trees we had back up North and the Golden Delicious apples. I was told they won't grow in Florida, it is true?

A: There is a solution for apple lovers even in Tropics! Low chill apples bear as far south as South Florida, and may be a unique addition to your tropical garden.
Variety Dorsett Golden looks like Golden Delicious with golden skin and sometimes a red blush. This cultivar was discovered in the Bahamas and is crisp and juicy with excellent flavor.
Attractive and fragrant pinkish-white apple blossoms will appear during Feb-March and give way to fruit (smaller than standard apples) in June. They remain a small tree, growing to about 15 feet.
For best results of cross-pollination and heavy production, we recommend a pair of low chill apples - the perfect couple Dorsett Golden and Anna.