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Date: 29 Aug 2019, Entry id: 1567060562-1

How to fertilize a Mango Tree

Q: I bought a Mango tree from you last month and planted it soon after it arrived. When is the best time to fertilize it? (I am in Florida)

A: We always recommend to wait on fertilizing until the plant is well established. If you planted your tree a month ago and it is doing well, showing new growth, then this is the time to start giving it some food.
For a mango tree, we recommend using 2 fertilizers - water-soluble and granulated:
Fruit Festival Plant Food
Remember micro-elements that are essential for healthy and vigorous growth:
SUNSHINE SuperFood - plant booster

In Florida, this is the best time right now for fertilizing - while we still have a few months of nice warm weather - active growth period. This will help you Mango tree to establish well before winter rest.