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Date: 14 Nov 2018, Entry id: 1542178862-1

Recovering Soursop after shipping and cold

From Irene & Marjorie, PA: We wanted to share our pics with you (after Summer). I attached also the photo of the way the tree looked before your advice (back in April). The big is the one we almost lost and you gave us these instructions and it came back. These were your instructions:
"The soursop is one of my favorite fruits and I was so sad to hear yours may be dead. Good news - the tree looks great! Yes, it does have some cold damage but I'm surprised it still has leaves on it at all! In cooler weather, they typically drop all of their leaves and stay that way until spring. You can remove the damaged leaves and it will resprout new growth with the warmer temperatures."

Taking care of Soursop after shipping
Soursop - Annona muricata trees are very sensitive to temperature drops. This always causes leaf loss. After shipping, do not water until the soil gets slightly dry; keep it in bright shade. No fertilizer until the plant shows active new growth. Be patient with your plant, and it should recover soon.
Soursop is an ultra-tropical tree and doesn't take any freeze. If you live in a cooler climate, keep the plant in a pot (the good news is, Annonas, in general, have a compact nature and are perfect for container culture). Bring the tree indoors during the cold period, providing bright light.
We have a very interesting article about growing and fruiting Soursop in an apartment. Check out 4534 Tropical Treasures Magazine # 7.