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Date: 31 Dec 2016, Entry id: 1483168804

New Video: SUNSHINE Plant Boosters

TT Laboratories presents: SUNSHINE In A Bottle!

Check out this video: SUNSHINE In A Bottle

SUNSHINE is a new generation of a plant booster, formulated specifically for tropical plants. SUNSHINE intention and direction is towards the general health of the plant and boosting its immune system; helping plant to recover from stress, increase flower and fruit production, improve cold hardiness, disease resistance, seed germination and much more!
TTLaboratories is offering the following products:
- SUNSHINE E - for general applications, stress relief and growth boosting
- SUNSHINE T (Thermo) - for better cold tolerance
- SUNSHINE BC - for bonsai and caudex
- SUNSHINE S - for seeds germination
- SUNSHINE H - for house plants
All of the SUNSHINE products come in an easy to use dropper for small to large application use.

Get some SUNSHINE!...

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