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Date: 13 Mar 2016, Entry id: 1457867102

Growing Vanilla Orchid

Q: I want to buy Vanilla orchid and I wonder if I can grow it in my bathroom by the skylight.

A: Growing Vanilla orchid is no different than other orchids. It is very simple. All that the plant needs is a good light, good air humidity, and good porous support.

Light. Grow Vanilla orchid in a very bright light, but protected from direct hot sun.

Air humidity.The higher the air humidity, the better your plant will grow. Many people grow orchids in a bathroom where these plants can enjoy occasional "humidity treats" after showers.

Growing media. Vanilla orchid cuttings are rooted very often in a regular potting mix with high content of pine bark and/or Perlite, Coconut Husk Chips. Once the little plant is well-rooted and starts developing, it will need a special porous surface to climb on and to attach to with developing aerial roots. A log covered with porous bark is used often. Another option is a piece of wood wrapped with a burlap fabric. In the Nature, this plant climbs up high onto trees and attaches to the bark with aerial roots - at this point, it doesn't need those terrestrial roots any more which may even die off. Climbing a porous support is absolutely necessary for your vanilla for setting buds, flowering and producing vanilla beans. If you are lucky to live in frost-free climate, plant you vanilla by a tree that will provide a shady canopy and a great natural climbing surface (bark). You may see the flowers as soon as within 1-2 seasons!