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SUNSHINE™ Boosters: Complete Plant Nutrition Made Simple

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Complete Nutrition System for Hydroponics and Container Plants

Nutrition System Made Simple: just add water!

Why SUNSHINE Booster system is so cool?

  • Amino-acid based, stable solutions
  • No EDTA chelators, no build up of nutrients
  • Does not affect plant pure taste
  • Mild concentrations eliminate dozing error
  • Safe for daily use, scientifically-balanced formulas
  • Just one, ready to use NPK solution per stage
  • Only 3 simple components for complete feed

Before and after using SUNSHINE boosters:

Customer from Oklahoma sent us a photo of her young seedlings:

Independent test results proved the following:

  • increased growth rate 20% (vegetative to pre-flower stage)
  • green mass increased 20-30%.
  • dry product output increased 1.2-1.3 g per 1 kWt (20 klux in leaf area)
  • improved taste quality of plants

Order SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System Kits and save:

SUNSHINE Advanced Nutrition Booster Kit - pack of 11

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition Booster Kit - pack of 7

About SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System

The 4 secrets of getting your plants with the amazing look are:

  1. the right nutrients
  2. the right soil
  3. proper care
  4. lots of light

If you've been stuck at figuring out how to feed your plants, SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System is the simple answer.

Topic of nutrients can be a pretty confusing for most people, even professional growers. Nutrient producing companies offer so many products with so many nutrient lines and extra supplements, and additional additives. Besides, most products on the market are quite expensive. What to chose so feeding your plants doesn't hit your budget? Even if you managed to select products that you think may work, you need to figure out the dosage and keep up with schedules which can be very complicated. This takes all the fun from your growing process that may become stressful and creates extra work.

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System has everything you need for successful growing: great growing medium, and a complete nutrient line called the SUNSHINE Boosters that includes not only macro elements (NPK) but all necessary micro-elements and additives. So it works exactly like it should - gives your plants the minerals they need.

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System is the simple and easy way to do plant nutrients while keeping the cost low.

Just follow the easy steps, enjoy the efficiency and watch your plants grow fast!

The SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System contains 5 bottles with Macro-Food (Bombino, Robusta, TotalFeed, Megaflor, and C-Cibus) each for a specific stage of plant's maturity. These solutions are ready to use, no need to combine in differing ratios or to mix ingredients, just add water! Microelements and Calcium provided in additional 2 bottles (Constanta and Ca-Support). Additional bio-stimulants also available.

Basic formulation (see also detailed formulation)

SUNSHINE Boosters dosage, ml per 1 gal of water

Plant life cycle stages Bombino Robusta TotalFeed Megaflor C-Cibus Constanta Ca-Support
Seedling Stage 25         5 5
Vegetative Growth   25       5 5
Transition (Pre Flowering)     25     5 10
Early/Mid Bloom Stage       25   5 10
Late Bloom/Ripening         25 5 5

Additional boosters:

Sunshine Epi (foliar): Foliar spray every 2 weeks or as needed for stumulating plant metabolism
Sunshine SuperFood: 5 ml per gallon at the beginning of the Bloom stage and 2 weeks after
Sunshine Power: 25 ml per 1 gallon every 2 weeks to maintain pH 5.5-6.5 and as mildew protectant
Sunshine GreenLeaf: 5 ml per 1 gal to correct iron deficiency as needed

Advantages of SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System

  1. Nutrition solutions are ready to use. No need to mix ingredients and figure out ratios, just add water!
  2. Delicate formula is safe for everyday use, with every watering
  3. SUNSHINE products do not affect taste of edible plants
  4. Stabilized formulas due to micronutrient complexes chelated with amino acids, not EDTA.
  5. Light-colored (color-coded) solutions are easy to deal with, and yet do not stain
  6. Easy to refill by ordering online at
  7. Ideal for automatic dozing / injectors. Easily get the required fertilizer ratio in the irrigation solution: just add prescription boosters to the water.
  8. High dosage (25 ml/ gal) prevents chance of overdozing due to injector errors
Regular Concentrated Nutrients SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition System
Number of solutions to mix can be 10-20 and more, with dosage variations at least on weekly basis. Often confusing and complicated. Convenient 1 solution for each stage of plant development, plus Constanta (mocro-elements) and Ca-Support.
Always same dosage: 25 ml/gal for NPK, 5 ml/gal for other boosters
Ingredients must be mixed in ratios according to plant development stage Nutrition solutions are ready to use. No need to mix ingredients and figure out ratios, just add water!
If one of many solutions/ingredients is missed, plants stop developing All essenstial ingredients are present in solutions by stages. No need to keep track!
N, Mg, Mn and other elements affect taste and quality of edibles due to high concentration formulas Mild concentrations do not affect plant taste and flavor
Recommended NPK rates too high for some hydroponics including cannabis Delicate, gentle NPK formula that fits all hydroponic needs
Misco-element recommended concentrations tend to end in nutrient burn

Ideal formulas for micro-element complexes, mild recommended concentrations, stable solutions

Common injector error is 2-3 ml. Easy to overdoze and harm the plants Injector error less than 10% of requred dosage, safe for plants
EDTA - commonly used chelator that is not a naturally occurring compound. It accumulates inside a plant tissue and soil while continuing to bind important nutrients. Micronutrient complexes chelated with amino acids which allows to stabilize micronutrients in solution. Amino acids are used by plant for fast growth and development. They form very strong complexes with micronutrients allowing plant to absorb micronutrients.
Large (heavy and bulky) containers of nutrients, extra amounts must be stored away and require special storage solutions.

Smaller bottles, easy to refill by ordering online at
Subscribe and save even more!

Pouring from canisters or large bottles can be a pain; easy to spill while pouring. Convenient dropper bottles for individual applications are great for small-scale growers.

Some nutrient products are heavy-colored with an odd consistency so you need a towel before pouring nutrients.

Light-colored (color-coded) solutions are easy to deal with, and yet do not stain: nutrient water a lighter color.
Intensely-colored solutions make it difficult to use drop-type pH test kits Light colored nutrient water makes it easier to use inexpensive drop-type pH test kits which can last for years

The nutrients will last for years even when opened as long as they’re properly stored in a darkened area (no direct sunlight) with cool (but not freezing) temperatures. When stored properly, these nutrients can last for years.

Application of SUNSHINE Boosters

What a plant needs through its 6 stages of growing cycle

Many manufacturers of nutrients recommend way too many supplements and higher levels of nutrients that are unnecessary. You can get great results using the more simple plant-specific nutrient levels, and it will save you some time and money.

Do not over-fertilize plants. As a rule за thumb, lower concentration with more frequent regular applications work better than less frequent higher dozes. Dosages are given for growing in containers. If plants are grown outdoors in open light soil - it is necessary to reduce these dosages by half.

Apply the following plant food and supplements according to the stage of plant development.

Part I. Nutrients for every watering:

A. SUNSHINE Macro-Boosters (NPK).

Simply one solution per each stage of plant development.
Dosage: 25 ml/gal

#1. Bombino - young plant, week 1
#2. Robusta - vegetative stage, week 2 to 3
#3. TotalFeed - transition pre-flower stage, week 4 to 5
#4. Megaflor - flowering, week 6 to 8
#5. C-Cibus - ripening, week 9 to 11

B. SUNSHINE Micro-Boosters:

Constanta - comprehensive, full-spectrum micro element complex
Dosage: 5 ml/gal

Ca-Support - Ca-Mg essential daily supplement
Dosage: 5 ml/gal

Power-Si - Silicon protector: disease defence (including powdery mildew) + automatically keeps pH between 5.5-6.5, can be used with every watering.
Can be used for daily flush at after-ripen/flush stage of plant development
Dosage: 25 ml/gal

Part II. Additional Boosters as needed:

SUNSHINE-Epi - bio-stimulant, natural plant hormone: speeding up plant metabolism, enhancing effectiveness of nutrients, improving hardiness, vigor, and disease resistance
Dosage: 2.5 ml/gal

SUNSHINE-SuperFood- complex micro-element supplement for correcting difficiencies of trace elements: Fe, Mg, Mn, B, Cu, S, Mo
Dosage: 5 ml/gal

SUNSHINE-GreenLeaf - ultimate Iron supplement for correcting iron deficiency: Fe
Dosage: 5 ml/gal

Buy the complete kit and save:

SUNSHINE Advanced Nutrition Booster Kit - pack of 11

SUNSHINE Complete Nutrition Booster Kit - pack of 7

Detailed Formulation

Plant stage week # MACRO-Boosters (NPK), ml/gal of water MICRO-Boosters, ml/gal of water
    Bombino Robusta TotalFeed Megaflor C-Cibus Constanta Ca-Support Power-Si Epi (foliar) Superfood
seedling 1 25         5 5      
vegetative 2   25       5 5   2.5  
vegetative 3   25       5 5 25    
transition 4     25     5 10      
early bloom 5     25     5 10 25 2.5 5
early bloom 6       25   5 10      
mid-bloom 7       25   5 10 25   5
mid-bloom 8       25   5 10      
late-bloom 9         25 5 5 25 2.5  
late-bloom 10         25 5 5      
ripen 11         25 5 5 25    
flush 12           5 5      
flush 13           5 5 25    

Water solution tips:

  • Prepare solution right before use and do not store solution more than 1 day.
  • All solutions in SUNSHINE Booster Nutrition System (NPK-macro and micro-boosters) are compatible.
  • Dissolve nutrients first, then add the rest of the water and stir well
  • Apply Sunshine Epi first, before other applications for better effect
  • Use DISTILLED water: Sunshine Epi - brassinosteroid bio-stimulant - should be mixed with distilled water separately from other boosters. It is very bio-active, and if mixed with other compounds, oxidizes quickly which may affect its performance. Apply as foliar spray only (it only works on contact with leaves and not through the root system).
  • Use clean TAP water: all macro- and micro- nutrients.
  • When using Micro- and Macro-boosters, you may mix all components in one watering can/tank (except for Epi), using regular tap water.
  • Besides watering root ball, macro-micro solution can be also used for foliar spray. It is optional, as in some circumstances growers prefer to keep leaves dry at all times: to stay away from mold, fungus and other issues caused by wet environment.
  • Give enough water for 10-20% runoff, and always remove runoff
  • If the stage of a plant development lasts longer than the time indicated in the table, use the last recipe indicated for the stage. For example, if a vegetative stage is indicated for the 2nd and 3rd week, use the recipe for the third week throughout the vegetative stage.
  • Repeat Week 3 for a longer vegetative period, Repeat Week 8 for a longer flowering stage
  • Keep concentrates and solutions protected from bright sunlight.
  • Do not mix with other concentrated fertilizers
  • For smaller amounts use drop bottles (1 ml = 30 drops)

Adjusting pH and correcting element deficiencies

  • Check and adjust pH on regular basis to prevent deficiencies.
  • If you’ve confirmed your pH is in the correct range and you’re still seeing nutrient deficiencies, increase the amount of nutrients you’re giving your plants.
  • Add all nutrients before adjusting pH. Use SUNSHINE-Power to maintain pH between 5.5-6.5. It can be used with every watering. Additionally, it dechlorinates tap water and is used to lower the pH of a fertilizer solution.
  • Correct complex deficiencies using SUNSHINE Constanta, SuperFood
  • Correcting iron deficiency (chlorosis, yellowing leaves with darke veins): use SUNSHINE™ GreenLeaf, a very potent Iron supplement to make plants green very quickly
  • Week and stressed plants (water-stressed, heat stressed, cold-stressed etc.): use SUNSHINE™ Epi which will boost the plan's immune system and help recover quickly
  • Use Ca-Support supplement to make up for the lack of it if you use soft (more pure) water and not a tap water (that usually has enough calcium)

Grow chambers and hydroponics

Main principles

1. Providing plants with everything necessary for the massive, vigorous growth

2. Using safe plant boosters to unlock the development potential

3. Improving quality of plants

uGrowSystems - Grow Room Controller

All-in-One advanced control system for the most effective plant production

Combining a thorough understanding of greenhouse and indoor growing environments with unique technology for irrigation control and nutrient management, SUNSHINE provides a complete control solution for both greenhouse or commercial-scale production facilities.
One of the most important components of a grow room is the right temperature, light, water, nutrients, and humidity levels. Customized to each grower’s requirements and are adaptable to their changing needs, SUNSHINE systems enable them to operate their growing facilities exactly the way they want. It will be easy to make sure that the temperature and humidity levels remain based on what is best for the plants. It requires lesser effort on your part since you do not have to do constant monitoring.

The right tools will do the job on your behalf!

- Coming soon! -

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