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ClariWEIGH: track plant growth over time
ClariFARM: plant growing System

ClariFY Grow Room Controllers

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Advanced control systems for the most effective plant production

Combining a thorough understanding of greenhouse and indoor growing environments with unique technology for irrigation control and nutrient management, CLARI systems provide a complete control solution for both greenhouse or commercial-scale production facilities.

One of the most important components of a grow room is the right temperature, light, water, nutrients, and humidity levels. Customized to each grower’s requirements and are adaptable to their changing needs, CLARI systems enable them to operate their growing facilities exactly the way they want. It will be easy to make sure that the temperature and humidity levels remain based on what is best for the plants. It requires lesser effort on your part since you do not have to do constant monitoring.

The right tools will do the job on your behalf!