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On this page, we will post info on special People-Cats with great personalities available for adoption.
If you found a stray cat that needs a home, or need to find a new home for a cat for any reason, you can post a photo with some info in our Forum. See also Florida animal shelters.
Just don't leave them in the streets!

People-Cats in need

These special cats are at high risk and need a home ASAP.
Those in shelters already stayed there too long and may be put down any time. Please save them!

New entries coming soon


These cats were rescued from death row and now have their Home Sweet Home!

Bella with captivating deep blue eyes...



Mia - beautiful and full of love




Sheba - miniature purring lap cat!



Chewi - got adopted! 7/23/11 EXTRAORDINARY CAT! Very intelligent, funny and friendly

Look into his eyes full of intelligence.

Chewi is an approximately 3 months-old male black domestic long hair. He is an adorable little fellow who will steal your heart with his sweetness. He is a lap-cat who purrs to your touch and loves to be petted. He likes people and gets along well with other cats. Chewi is totally awesome.

Cricket - adorable, sweet and gentle

... has been adopted! She went to her new home 7/15/11. She got adopted by a woman from Fort Myers.

Tortoise shell calico

The 10 year old blind cat has found her forever home! The sweet blind cat had a lifelong best friend that was her "eyes", but sadly disappeared, making it unsafe for her to continue living outdoors. Her new Mommy has named her Molly and she's doing great!


Simba (see his story)


Sam is truly a special person. He is very busy during the day - playing with toys, catching butterflies in the garden, and following me around all day long like a baby would follow his mom. Then when bedtime comes, he sits on my bed waiting patiently for me to brush my teeth, etc, and when I go to bed, he lays next to me and sleeps ALL night long! At 6 am he's up and out catching butterflies. Also he is very talkative person. He talks to me a lot. He also is very brave, and picks on our older cat Mr Barcy who is the boss and nobody else dares to mess with him. Sam attacks him, trying to say "rrrrr", but instead just a squeaky peep comes out, his voice is still teenager's! Mr Barcy just gives him a smile :-)

Mr. Barcy - the smartest cat I ever met. Can't believe nobody wanted to adopt him, and if it wasn't for me seeing his picture he would be dead... It was a love from the first sight, and we are the best friends now. I talk to him and he talks back. My best company.
Murka - she's a very old cat with no teeth, but she only likes dry food! She's doing great and is one of the most affectionate people-cats in the world, purring always!



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