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Psilotum nudum, Whisk Fern, Skeleton Fork Fern
 Psilotum nudum
Family: Psilotaceae
Whisk Fern, Skeleton Fork Fern
Origin: New Zealand
small shrub 2-5 ftsemi-shadeepiphyteregular waterornamental foliage

Psilotum nudum is an epiphyte that sometimes grows as a terrestial plant in rocky crevices in sandy soils. It is considered a fern ally because it is a spore-producing vascular plant. Whisk fern is native to swamplands and dry rocky cliffs. These are frost-tender, subtropical or tropical, terrestrial or epiphytic (grows on a host, such as a tree, to obtain nutrients, but isn't a parasite) Ferns grown for their interesting skeletal or broom-like fronds. P. nudum, commonly known as Skeleton Fork Fern, grows 2 feet high with a spread of 18 inches. If terrestrial, this Fern's growth is branched and erect; if epiphytic, its growth will be pendulous. The tiny, triangular leaves grow on triangular, branching stems. They are pale green. The leaves bear yellow sporangia.

Psilotum nudum is propagated by division or by spores.

Psilotum nudum, Whisk Fern, Skeleton Fork Fern

Psilotum nudum, Whisk Fern, Skeleton Fork Fern

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