Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap) - seeds

Small shrub 2-5 ftSemi-shadeKeep soil moistWhite/off-white flowersOrnamental foliageFlood tolerant

Venus Fly Trap is a small herbaceous wetland plant characterized by unique hinged clamshell-like traps that spring closed to catch unwary insects. Rosettes of reclining leaves, each leaf consists of a relatively broad petiole (leaf stem) and a leaf blade which is modified into the trap. The perennial Venus flytrap blooms in May and June with white, five-petaled blossoms which are held a few inches above the foliage. Caring for Venus flytrap in cultivation is not too difficult, and they require no major difference to general Carnivorous Plants care. Keep the planting medium constantly moist. During the winter, keep it just barely moist.
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