Wisteria sinensis - seeds

Can be used for bonsaiVine or creeperFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterPink flowersWhite/off-white flowersBlue/lavender/purple flowersFragrantAttracts butterflies, hummingbirdsInvasiveSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Chinese Wisteria. Vigorous, showy, woody ornamental vines that can climb trees, apparently limited only by the height of the tree, and have been observed to reach 65 feet. Fragrant, violet to blue-violet flowers, 1 inch long, occur in showy, pendulous clusters that hang gracefully from the twining stems. Exotic wisterias are long-lived, some vines surviving 50 years or more.
Plant seeds 1/2" deep, keep warm, bright light and lightly moist.
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