Top Tropicals Plant Book

Fragrant Plants, Exotic Fruit Trees, Herbs and Spices, Blooming Trees, Shrubs, Vines and Perennials

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This unique pocket book size edition is not just a company catalog, it is a compact encyclopedia of tropical plants, great for educational purposes and as a guide for your tropical gardening.

This new edition contains 240 the most popular and spectacular plants from our selection (which is many times larger than represented in this book). Each plant has a scientific name (and synonyms), common name(s), Botanical Family name, brief description (historical and cultivation) and pictogram guide that describes plant characteristics and preferable conditions.

  • 240 plants
  • Pictures, latin and common names, botanical family, descriptions - history, use and cultivation
  • Cultivation pictograms
  • 48 pages+cover, full color

Inside the book:

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