We buy plants and seeds!

Selling your plants/seeds to TopTropicals wholesale or on consignment

Note: If you are a professional grower/wholesaler, please contact us with your availability list, this page is for individuals only.

Many of you grow exotic plants from seeds or propagate by cuttings. Every one who tried to do that knows how many extra plants you get, while your yard or greenhouse have limits!

Those who live or travel in tropical/subtropical area, are surrounded by jungles of beautiful unusual plants that produce bunches of seeds!

So, why waste? Make extra $$$. We'll buy from you!

1. Plants - from cuttings, air-layered, seedlings and grafted


  • properly labeled with a LATIN name and (if available) variety
  • well-established with develeoped root system
  • healthy-looking, free of diseases and pests
  • tropical or subtropical
  • exotic, rare, spectacular, unusual. We do not need common plants that we can get from local garden center in our area (this is why you send us a list first for confirmation if we are interested in those).
  • properly packed while shipping and intact at receipt*.
  • international shipments: contact us first. (This is considered to be plant import, it's more complex procedure)
  • please include invoice with list of items, prices and return address

For cash: upon receipt of plants, only in case the plants meet the said requirements. We pay for shipping from you to us.

On consignment: we place your plants in our Nursery and Store and try to sell them. Once the plant is sold, we pay you your price.

Store credit: we can trade with you. In this case, we can offer more value for your products. Send us a list of plants you need from our store and we will be happy to do an equal exchange.

*In order to avoid shipping damage, feel free to contact us for instructions on proper packaging.

2. Seeds


  • freshness must be guaranteed. Please label month and year of crop.
  • properly labeled with a LATIN name and (if available) variety
  • packed in an individual bag for each variety
  • clean of pulp
  • free of disease and pests. You may apply some pest spray a bit before shipping.
  • tropical or subtropical
  • international shipments in large quantities may require phytocertificate (contact us first).
  • please include invoice with list of items, prices and return address

Make an offer

If you want to make us an offer of plants and/or seeds, please use the form below. We'll get back to you and let you know if we are interested, and will tell you if we can buy them or sell on consignment.

Before you make an offer, please check if the plant description is available in our Plant Catalog (it's a plus). If so, please insert a link to this plant in the form below. If this plant is not presented in our catalog, you may send us link with a photo of the plant (flower or fruit preferrable) from another source. This way you will help us to easier make a decision if we want to buy this plant or seeds. Remember, it is always easier to sell a plant if we have pictures and information. If we don't have this plant in Catalog, but you can provide us with information and photo (it must be your copyright), most likely we'll buy it from you.

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