TopTropicals Long Walk...

"Tropical Boonies" development

For a long time, every day we received calls and letters from our customers from Florida West Coast asking - when, WHEN, W H E N finally you guys will open your new location in Punta Gorda??? South-West Florida and Central Florida gardeners were anxious to visit our new nursery on regular basis and be able to obtain rare exotics from our new arrivals as often as they want. However, then we had to answer: "Soon! Hold on for another while!"

Finally we are open! The story of Top Tropicals Botanical Garden is challenging and exciting. Some day, afters years go by, we'll be recalling this experience as an adventure. We decided to share the beginning of the story with our friends and gardeners, some parts of it might be useful and helpful some day in your own battle with Reality...


  1. Start - September 2005
  2. What will Top Tropicals Botanical Garden be?
  3. Development first steps: welcome to TopTropicals Excavation, Plumbing and Electric
  4. Disaster Contest: Hurricane Wilma and Lightning Manufactured Homes... what's worse? - coming soon
  5. Professionals wanted

What will Top Tropicals Botanical Garden be?

We are working on Botanical Garden Plan and Design. The project plans will be published here soon.

The main ideas of the Project:

  • Rare tropical plants nursery will be open to public, specializing on such plants as:
    - rare tropical and subtropical fruit trees
    - flowering tropical and subtropical plants
    - fragrant exotics
    - imported plants from counties of South-East Asia, South America, Africa, Australia
  • Top Tropicals Botanical Garden
    - Tropical and subtropical species from around the World, and Florida natives - for in ground and greenhouse culture
    - Wildlife Habitat: TopTropicals mini-zoo, birds, reptiles, butterfly pavillion, etc.
  • Rare Tropical Plants Society
    - Supporting gardeners who are interested in growing rare tropical plants in non-tropical climate
    - Meetings, plant and seed trade, monthly magazine, and much more
    - Greenhouse DIY projects: workshops and consulting
  • Jobs for community: agricultural, horticultiral, scientific research, office jobs, etc.
  • Education field for kids, students and hobbyists
    - Consulting Center: botanical, horticultural, wildlife information. Lectures, classes, workshops

Our basic attitude is - everything can be accomplished through hard work. Note that we are not begging for donations which probably would be logical for any Botanical Garden project.

We are trying to CREATE and SUPPORT this Institute of Nature and Garden with our own hands through hard work and plant sales.

Top Tropicals is trying to be self-sufficient, while providing useful knowledge, rare plants and various jobs for community as well. Join us in our efforts! You may find Great Reasons in Creating. (Read more how to become a Creator)

Coming soon: Do-It-Yourself Low Budget Greenhouse (watch for our updates)

These pictures of animals taken in Flamingo Botanical Garden (Ft Lauderdale). Would you like to have one like this in your area?

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