Tropical Boonies Development

Year 2007. Part 6-1. Zoo

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Rosie Maria Teresa, the Princess



Gosha-the-Sock, the Tuxedo Cat





Jimmy (Carter) - the Lion King


Process of SHRIMPING!





Aony e?aneaay





Bob - the Walking Sausage


Bob likes milk...

...but has to wait at the end of the food chain...

All he dreams about is to become a cat some day... and to be as lucky!




Jim attacking Red

Bob's personal couch

Jim ignoring Bob...


After dinner

Balanced body shape


Bob's Girlfriend is visiting - Big Mama

Bob was spending too much time dogging around with her, and got us in trouble... By almost breeding Pit-Beagles...


Hard to keep Bob chained. His sausage-shaped body with head smaller than neck won't let you attach anything to him... unless...





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