TopTropicals Post-Hurricane re-Landscaping Support

Hurricane Katrina & Rita - 2005

30% off - for residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Texas who suffered from hurricanes Katrina & Rita

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for those who had a hurricane damage in their gardens

As have many of you, we’ve been monitoring Hurricane Katrina’s devastating assault on Louisiana, Mississippi and other Gulf Coast states and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who may be experiencing the devastation of this hurricane.

We are deeply saddened by the tremendous losses resulting from this monstrous hurricane in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida... Katrina was one of the largest, most devastating and catastrophic hurricanes in U.S. history.

Our Nursery which is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was hit directly by Katrina, but at that time it was only category 1. The nursery was affected very little and we are lucky to have all our plants undamaged thanks to heroic efforts of our Nursery Crew.

We would like to support our customers who have to re-do their gardens - in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas - with 30% discount.

Those of you who have nothing left to restore - please feel free to get back with us later as soon as you can use our support.

Stay safe...
Tatiana, Mike & TopTropicals Team

Donations to Red Cross accepted in our Online Store.

One of our friends in Mississippi, Donna Mc Donald-Bailey (the winner of 2004 Garden Contest), has lost her house and garden in this hurricane... She lost everything. Our hearts are with Donna and everyone who suffered from this tragedy.

A few photos after hurricane Katrina in our nursery. We have layed down all the plants on the ground, along wind main direction. Almost no damage occured, except for this poor bamboo shed and a greenhouse. We were lucky to have only 70-80 mph winds here. For almosta week we had no power, but this was the worst of it. Orders were processed manually but everything was shipped as scheduled with almost no delays.


The Noni Tree surprisengly didn't get any damage, while other leaves on large in-ground plants were battered badly. It's amazing how hardy and resistant is this plant. Leaves are very elastic, brenches flexible. Not a singl fruit had dropped!